Discover New Places

Wherever you are you can discover new places to visit, whether you have something specific in mind like finding a restaurant or just looking for something to do.

Travelling interstate or to another country? Places will use your current loaction to help you find restaurants, bars, movie theatres and much more

Find deals

Places is bringing another way to find local deals on offer, it ties in the discovery of places near your current location with deals on offer. As you decide which bar to go to for the night.

Find out which ones have deals on that may sway your decision. Or if your just looking for a good deal browse the deals that are related to your area.

Collect Places

Keeping track of your favourite places is easy! as you discover them simply press the save icon so the next time you're trying to remember that amazing restaurant you went to, you know where to find it... Places

Places will even organize your saved places by categories so you can easily navigate them